The Dog Center

From doggie daycare to longterm boarding.

At our dog center we have a social place for dogs an peeple

We have puppy training, general obedience classes and

private consulting with a professional dog trainer for challenges and training at home

With our network of Instructors, dog-handlers, veterinarians, dog-lovers and petshops,

we can help you and your canine friends to build and keep a strong and lasting friendship.


About Us and what we do

Happy dogs and happy owners

We want to help make a strong and longlasting companionship between dog and owner. Having a dog should be a fun and fulfilling experience for both.  We help train both dog and owner, yes, you are the owner and knows your dog best, so you have to put in some work aswell. With focus on positive reinforcement and some adjustment on how we relate to our dogs, most issues can be prevented or solved.

Our Instructor

We have an in-house professional dog trainer, Hege Bye. With her education from Oslo Dog Academy (Oslo Hundeskole), She has trained dogs and their hoomans since 2004.  She has worked for  Norwegian Dog academy (Norsk Hundeskole). Co funder of "Hund I Fokus" (Dogs in Focus) and  "Bærum brukshundklubb" (Bærum working dogs assosiation) 

She has an broad experience with family dogs, working dogs, search and rescue, dogwalking and  problematic behaviour. Focusing on positive reinforcment, she will make training a fun experience for dogs and owner.