Doggydaycare & Boarding

At our Dog Center just outside Kampot, we offer Doggie Daycare and Boarding. Want your pup to have som fun and develop their social skills a couple of times a week, or are you going abroad for several months? Your canine companion can stay with us!

Our Services

Doggie Daycare

Drop your furry friend of at our Dog Center in the morning and pick up a happy & tired,  fellow in the afternoon. 


Going Away for a weekend or a month?

Let your dog stay with us. A green and safe place with, food, friends, grass and playtime

Long term boarding and relocation

Going away for a long time? we have special price for stays longer than 30 days. We can also assist with what you need for your dog to move abroad

Boarding and daycare

Prices and General information

Prices pr dog pr day: Opening Offer

Doggy daycare:                           $10

Boarding overnight doggie: $12

For dogs that need extra care:

There will be an additional cost pr day up to $5

contact us for your dogs needs.

puppies, medication, females in heat, nervous dogs

All dogs visiting PawSome must be healty and able to show proof of vaccination. 

Drop of time for daycare and boarding


Pick up time for daycare and boarding


If you need to drop off or pick up at other times, please make an appointment.

Boarding and daycare


Prices :

$12 pr day pr dog

Snacks and food included. We use Ganador dogfood

All dogs visiting PawSome must be healty and able to show proof of vaccination.

Going away for a weekend or months abroad? its not always easy to find a place for your furry friend, no more neighbours or friends to ask?

Here at PawSome we have a professional dog trainer and dog handlers that will help your dog have a great time, regardless of how long.

Plenty of space, and all dogs have accsess to their little unit all day. Dogs are social beeings and like to meet new fellas, we will do our best to match all guests with a special friend, based on size, age and activity level

General information

Doggie Daycare

A tired dog is a happy dog, someone said.

And yes, the right kind of tired, makes a very happy dog and household. It is very important for dogs to get excersize, social stimuli and a little adventure.

Owners of dogs that come to us 1-2 times a week, quickly notice that the stress level is reduced and the dogs are more relaxed. also towards other dogs. Behaviour problems caused by boredome and separation is reduced. If you have a hectic period at work, or just want your pups to be happy and safe while you are busy with hooman life.

Every day a doghandler will help all our new arrivals to settle in to the pack, and with positive reinforcment teach the dogs how to behave towards each other we also work a little on recall and manners,  just to make our day easier.

We have lots of space and when needed we will pair up dogs based on their size, age and activity level, so everyone has an Pawsome time!