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Dog Training

Sit, stay, no!, come! , lay, fetch...good boy!

It sounds so easy does it not?  And when it isn't...both dog and owner gets frustrated. We can help you and your furry friends, From Puppy training to problematic behaviour. Home visits or fun group classes at our dog center. We work just as much with the owner (or more)  as with the dog to build a strong and long lasting companionship. Yes, its your dog, so you have to put in some work aswell, but we will lead you down the path.

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Dog training

Private consulting and training

At a Private dog training session, we focus on you and your dog . You can come to our Dog Center in Kampot, Or we can come home to you.

At first we want to get to know your pack. We  talk about what you want from your dog, goals and expectations, problems and issues you might have. Then we observe and assess your situation, before we start working and implement changes. With problematic behaviour it is very often easy solutions and some changes in how we relate to our dogs.  For some, one session is enough to get back on to the right track, for others a combination of several sessions and group trainings is needed.

A normal private consulting is 1 hour, first session is a little longer

$20 at PawSome DogCenter

$25 Home visit 

For home visits outside 15 km from PawSome extra costs depending on distance will apply

Dog Training

Group Training

General Obedience, Puppy classes and Agility training. Working together with other owners and their dogs is not only fun and social, it gives you an excellent chance to work with your dog, while there are other distractions. And both you and your dog will learn from others in a fun and social setting.

Contact us for ongoing classes

A group training session is 1 hour

$5 pr dog

Minimum 4 attendees, maximum 8

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